The Fivefingers Vibram Shoe Is Groundbreaking

The Fivefingers Vibram Shoe Is Groundbreaking

Anyone who has participated in hiking, jogging, running, climbing, and other forms of exercise knows that the standard athletic shoes used for such ventures often leave a bit to be desired. Standard shoes are heavy, can be constricting or loose in places, and sometimes can be more of a pain than a fitness asset. That’s why the Fivefingers Vibram shoe is so revolutionary.

Vibram shoes are extremely lightweight, made with thin materials. They’re so light in fact, that people who wear them often comment that it’s like going barefoot. This featherweight shoe makes your fitness endeavors easier and more effective. Movements become more natural as if you really are going barefoot. That’s better no matter what you’re doing.

The human body was created to walk and run naturally, and this is the closest thing you can get to that without leaving your feet fully exposed to the elements by wearing nothing on them. This might sound quite weird and even a bit dangerous.

After all, if the shoe is that light, how can it protect your feet? That’s a good question. But your feet are fully protected on the bottom by a patented rubber sole that provides excellent grip, traction, and feeling – and on the top by strong, tear-resistant fabrics and materials.

Finally, the FiveFingers Vibram shoes have toes. Each of your toes fits snugly into its own space. This helps improve your balance and agility by leaps and bounds. It’s an odd-looking shoe, but it’s also a groundbreaking shoe that helps make every movement more natural, healthy, and strong.