Comfort For Wearing High Heeled Shoes

Footwear should be comfortable, but that is not always possible. Any woman who wears high heeled shoes can tell you that these take some getting used to. Even those that wear them with comfort now went through a period where they had to get used to how they feel on the foot. It does get easier to wear them after a while, but the adjustment period can be painful. These are not something that most wear all the time, but there are some that must wear them to work. This means they need know how to treat their feet to some relief.

One great way to get relief while wearing high heeled shoes it to pay a lot for a pair that you are going to wear very often. Most of the ones that are higher priced are made to offer some comfort to the foot as well as to look good. If you don’t want to spend that much, you can always get some comfort soles that are made especially for high heeled shoes. These can add some comfort to the bottom of the foot, but they do not take the stress off of your toes and your back.

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When you have to wear high heeled shoes to work, you have to compromise at times. When you go through periods of pain, try to get lower heels to relieve some of the stress. You can also find ways to take your high heeled shoes off at times during the day. If you spend time at a desk, you can remove them and slip on slippers or even sneakers while sitting. You may also want to wear sneakers to and from work, and then change into your heels when you get there.

You should also take good care of your feet when you take off your high heeled shoes at the end of the day. When you find your feet are aching, try a foot bath to relieve some of the pain. You may always want to learn simple massage techniques to take some of the kinks out. If at all possible, give your feet a rest from wearing high heeled shoes whenever you can. That will lessen some of the long term damage wearing these type of shoes can cause. If you already think you may have some damage, see a foot doctor for an evaluation and some advice on how to better care for your feet.

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