Vibram Five Running Shoes Are the Hottest Trend in Running

Everyone knows that running is an excellent way to get in shape. It’s great for your heart and does wonder for your body. Up until now, traditional running shoes are the only thing we’ve had to choose from for foot protection, support, and comfort. But now, Vibram Five running shoes are changing all of the old ideas about what to wear on your feet for the best running experience.

If you’re a seasoned runner, you’ve probably already heard of these odd-looking shoes. Even running newbies are curious about them. They might look weird, but they offer a more physically correct way of running.

These shoes look a whole lot more like socks with toes than your typical running shoes. They’re thin and lightweight and actually mimic the barefoot running experience, while still offering your foot plenty of protection with a rugged and durable sole. Running “barefoot” in your Vibram Five running shoes will help to improve your agility, balance, and foot and calf strength.

Runners the world over are getting in on the Vibram trend, all finding that when running in these exceptionally engineered shoes, they have a more natural and comfortable stride and foot plant and that muscles that are not exercised properly when wearing regular running shoes get a real workout with Vibram footwear.

Odd-looking? Yes. Excellent for creating a better running workout? You bet!

Vibram Five Running Shoes Are the Hottest Trend in Running


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Vibram Five Fingers are the hottest trend in running shoes. These shoes are made of one single piece of flexible rubber that stretches from toe to heel, forming the sole of the shoe. There is no padding anywhere around the foot. Vibrams are said to be great for conditioning your feet, strengthening muscles and tendons, and improving your balance and agility. You can do everything in the– run, swim, rock climb, trek through mud up to your knees…
…But they look weird! They look really weird! I think that’s the only reason they aren’t more popular.
The look is not just a matter of taste. It’s also a matter of anatomy. Our feet are shaped like feet, not gloves. And this is important for running because it means that our toes are what help us balance as we run.
Many runners say these shoes help them develop better form, but I’m skeptical about this claim because I’ve never worn them myself (I’m too self-conscious). But I am sure about one thing: no matter how good running form gets, there will be no appreciable energy savings in running until there is some kind of robot suit that stores energy when you’re moving slow and releases it when you’re moving fast.*

Food is the most obvious factor, but it’s not the only one. You can always find an excuse for not running — the weather is bad, or you’re tired, or you have a headache. If you’re alone, it can feel hard to get yourself motivated. And once you’re on your feet, it’s easy to come up with reasons why you don’t have time to run today.


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