Setting up a Home Office on a Shoestring Budget

Working from home is becoming a more popular option with many in today’s workforce. Whether you telecommute or have abandoned the rat race in favor of setting up your own home business or simply need land to take care of the bill paying and the home organization chores, a home office has become a necessary space in many homes. Whether you set up a corner office in your kitchen, designate a guest room to double as your office, or set up a location in your basement, your home office must include all the elements that contribute to your productivity, efficiency, and overall success.

But setting up a home office doesn’t have to break your bank account. Very few of us can afford the luxury of having a professional organizer devise an office system for us. Don’t despair; there are many creative ways to create your space.

Maybe you can have a separate room for your office. If so, that’s great. You’ll have lots of elbow room. But if you don’t, there are many ways to utilize the space you can carve out for one. Whatever area you choose, make sure it’s a space that can be dedicated to your office and doesn’t double as an arts and crafts table for your kids or a workbench for your spouse’s do-it-yourself projects on the weekends.

Take a look at your space and see what you can do quickly and inexpensively to spruce it up and make it conducive to working from home. Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint, some strategically hung pictures, or some simple stencil work can brighten up an otherwise dreary corner.

Next, look around your house to see what furnishings you already have. If there’s a small unused table that could double as a desk, use it. You’ve probably got a comfortable chair in your dining room that could work fine as an office chair. Look around your home for useable pieces that can be brought together successfully to create a comfortable and relaxing home office environment.

You may also already have bookshelves, bins, baskets, boxes, and a filing cabinet that could also be incorporated into your office. If you don’t already have office supplies available, visit your favorite office supply or discount store and stock up on a few needed items, and get your space organized and ready to roll.


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