Dressing up for the Success Interview

Dressing up for the Success Interview

Prepare and practice for an interview. After the date and venue have been set, allow time for enough preparation for the big day. Remember that first impressions do last, so the way an applicant look really does matter. Employers could easily give the verdict based on the manner of dressing during the initial interview.

Better questions and service can be received if the appearance itself commands respect. It is important to consider the surroundings of the company granting you an interview. There is no reason to be overdressed or poorly dressed during this very significant day. In fact, it is a good rule of thumb to always dress appropriately for any situation. All too often appearance is glossed over. Some might say that the inner characteristics of the person matter more, but in reality, you only have one opportunity for a first impression. Make it count!

Although there are specific guidelines that can be followed, these do not apply to all states like New York for example, where people wear trendy up to extreme styles that are far away from the usual fashion rules common people know. The rule of thumb should be to wear something that could boost more confidence.

TIP! For best results, ask a shoe store’s associate to measure your foot. This measurement will help ensure that you get the correct size shoe when purchasing new shoes.

Below are the top ten do’s and don’ts during an interview:

Avoid wild colored nail polish before the interview. The same goes with long nails that could easily turn off some conservative employers. These should be neat and very tidy looking.

TIP! If you play sports, it is important that you select shoes that were made for that particular sport. This is because each of these shoes provides the support needed to help the foot while it is playing.

Never wear jewelry that rattles and jiggles as you speak and move. Try not to wear two or more rings or earrings. Piercing aside from the ears is also a no.

Professional hairdo also counts

TIP! Keep a nice pair of neutral shoes in your closet. A nice pair of black or brown shoes go with almost anything.

If you are a woman, wear closed shoes. Heels are very appropriate as this gives more confidence to an individual and a sense of respect is also provided once they see the person wearing them.

Again, for the ladies, never bare those newly shaven legs. If possible, use stockings regardless of the temperature. But make sure not to use fancy colored ones. Only use those made for neutral looking legs. These should also match the shoes.

TIP! Your shoes should feel good at the outset. But if shoes are uncomfortable from the moment that you put them on, you should keep looking.

Remember that a good suit or dress brings more confidence as well. This will also allow more comfort and a chance for the applicant to answer comfortably or with ease.

Avoid short skirts for women. Wearing pants or leggings are a no, no during interviews.

TIP! Whenever you go shoe shopping, wear or bring the same type of socks that you will be wearing with the shoes you intend to buy. If you don’t try the sizes on while wearing these socks, you really can’t get a good idea about the actual fit.

Wear the appropriate blazers just as long as they do not look fashion outdated. Do not use any leather coats or jackets.

For men, the tie is still appropriate. Avoid using turtlenecks. If there is no suit and tie available, use a collared shirt or white long sleeves.

TIP! When you are in need of cowboy boots, don’t go hunting around at the typical retailers, no matter how extensive their selections may be. Go instead to a western specialty shop, where you are guaranteed to find great cowboy (or cowgirl) boots, while dealing with top-notch staff who really know their stuff.

Men must not use too much aftershave.

Women should be using bags that are not too bright and conspicuous. These should be conservative and matching the dress.

TIP! An athletic shoe purchase requires an investment. You need shoes specifically designed for exercise if you’re going to be playing tennis, jogging, or doing calisthenics.

Any briefcase used must be in perfect condition.

The way a person looks equal to the message he is trying to convey. During the interview, this can either become a plus factor for the applicant or big loss. Know for a fact that the way an applicant should look must be appealing, fashionable but not loud.

TIP! Reserve wearing your high heeled shoes for special occasions, or you could face serious physical repercussions. While these types of shoes may look stylish, they are not kind to the bones in your feet or spine.

Consider the latest trends in the area or location where the prospective job is located. One aspect that is a part of how an employer picks a new hire is based on the physical attributes of the applicant. From the way the hands were shaken, keeping eye contact, the way the posture was maintained, the smile was delivered up to the manner of dressing is being rated already.

Regardless of your personal career background, skills, and underlying talents, if the first impression was never striking enough to make an outstanding appeal to the interviewers, nothing else counts. This can be the potential employer’s initial interpretation of how an applicant will do on the job.

TIP! To get a shoe that transitions neatly from casual to slightly dressy wear, consider a model that looks like a sneaker but is rendered in a tasteful dark brown. Throw them on for a hike, or polish the leather up and put them on with a pair of cargo pants.

Whether that perception is fair is irrelevant. Do you want the job? Look the part and your chances for success are much greater!

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